Existing Business Owners

How can Books & BAS help you?
Saving you money and time are the big ways that spring to mind but we also give our clients benefits you can’t put a price on, like peace of mind.

We can help you:

  • start a new business
  • manage your payroll
  • lodge your BAS correctly and on time
  • save on tax agent or accountant fees
  • relieve office chaos
  • organise your records
  • initiate and manage systems to invoice your customers and track their payment
  • pay your bills on time
  • understand the tax system and what your tax agent is telling you
  • know how much your business is owed at all times

Not properly managing your bookkeeping can mean you are paying your accountant or tax agent to re-work your business financial records…time and time again. We can help you save your money by getting it right the first time and keeping working systems in place is a big advantage.

As your business grows, your administrative needs often change and this can cause unnecessary pressure. We work in close partnership with our clients to understand, anticipate and respond quickly to changing business needs.

See our testimonials for more on what our clients, including accountants, have to say about us.