IRE reports and auditing

Do you perform building works as a contractor to the ACT Government? From 1 January 2012 you will require an IRE Certificate.

IRE Certificates are issued by ACT Procurement. The process to obtain an IRE Certificate requires and IRE Audit. The audit verifies the applicant is complying with employer obligations such as superannuation and PAYG Withholding and check validly of insurances such as workers compensation and public liability.

Books & BAS are Authorised Auditors. We can complete and lodge your application directly with ACT Procurement Services.

Contact our office on 02 6260 2067 for more information.

To begin your application please download and complete the IRE Application forms:

ACT IRE Certificate Audit Request.pdf

ACT IRE Document Checklist.pdf

Information Sheet Contractors 2013.pdf

Application for IRE Certificate – 2013 July.doc