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Who we are

Our Story

We might be celebrating 50 years since opening our doors in 1968 but that doesn’t mean we’re dinosaurs. The Everalls Group of DFK EverallsEveralls Wealth Management and Books & Bas, work together to provide integrated, connected advice for owners of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Books & Bas ensures you have the time and space to reignite the passion you need to run your business. We know that 24 hours in a day is not enough to run a successful business and enjoy your life. Let us help you regain control with our bookkeeping services.

We understand that managing the financial success of your business can be overwhelming. That is why our accounting firm DFK Everalls works with Everalls Wealth Management and Books & Bas to provide tailored advice to ensure our clients financially flourish. DFK Everalls as the business advisory side of the Everalls Group has been building better businesses for 50 years through its range of business development services including complex tax planning, business restructures, coaching, board and business advice.

As the financial advisory arm of the Everalls group, Everalls Wealth Management (EWM) delivers strategic financial planning to individual and SMSF investors needing advice on how to grow and protect their income and wealth.

Meet your team

Our Books & Bas team will gather and organise all your financial data and magically turn it into it meaningful financial reports. No more number crunching. No more last minute BAS rush. No more dubious numbers.